Preparing For An Ice Storm

OAK HILL, WV – Whats the weather going to be like? Meteorologist here at WOAY-TV and other local News Stations report that an ice storm is heading this way. Local citizens are grocery shopping to prepare for these weather conditions.

Citizens living in mountain state are used to the cold weather before, during and after the winter season…
Weather like snow freezing rain, and black ice… Well its time to prepare for the first significant winter storm of this season, because an ice storm is heading our way.
” I think the thing that worries most people is the ice, especially for the elderly.” Said Diane Pauly, Grants Supermarket Cashier
During the winter season and with news of an ice storm coming this way people in the community  are making sure that they are prepared by buying the essentials such as milk, eggs and bread
” It’s mostly bread and milk and lunch meat. That way if it hits at least you’ve got something to feed your family.” Said Amy Evans,¬†Grants Supermarket Cashier
Everyone should be prepared for possible power outages, slick travel due to a certain level and amount of ice on the roads
” If you’re from West Virginia you know what you need to survive. If you cant get out to get your stuff you need to call someone because you do need essentials to be able to in this weather survive.” Said Victoria Cook, Customer at Grants
” I think people are pretty much wise on what they’ve got to do they’re pretty knowledgeable.” said Ms. Pauly
So people in the local communities are making sure that they’re shopping and getting food water and all the essentials¬† so that they can stay safe and warm
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