Power Is Not The Problem, Cable Theft Is

In the technology-run world that we are living in, not having phone or internet service can put a stop on our day-to-day lives. That is exactly what happened to over 700 residents in Southern West Virginia.

“Unfortunately, in the area of Mingo, Logan, and Wyoming counties, we have had people that are climbing our telephone polls and stealing the copper cable that provides the internet and the broadband service to our customers,” Andy Malinoski, Manager of the Communications Department at Frontier, told us.

The recent rise of telephone-cable theft is causing a security risk as well as financial losses for many of Frontier’s customers. The thieves are after what’s inside of the black wires found on telephone polls, which has valuable copperĀ that can be sold for hundreds of dollars.

To help determine who these thieves are, Frontier is asking the community to police their area and report anything suspicious.

“Whether it be one customer or a hundred customers, when the copper thieves steal that cable, they’re disconnecting some very remote areas of our network, and putting people in danger, because they lose connection with their friends and family,” Malinoski added.


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