Pop-up vaccination clinics prove popular in small communities

PAX, WV (WOAY) – A new form of COVID-19 vaccine clinic is developing in our area. This leads to quicker wait times and more shots for nearby communities, all without having to make an appointment.

Greg Swisher is a pastor at a Fayetteville church. He says the convenience of a small, drive-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Pax prompted him to get his shot.

“The availability and convenience of just leaving my office, driving through,” Swisher said. “Getting the shot, waiting the requisite 15 minutes.”

Christina Garrison works around elderly people every day. She says she would have taken any vaccine, but was happy to receive the one shot Johnson and Johnson dose. Waiting behind only one car, she was in and out in half an hour.

“It was really wonderful,” Garrison said. “There was no wait time. It was excellent.”

James Bennett has been organizing vaccination clinics in Fayette County since January. The first come, first serve clinics, as opposed to the mass, appointment-based events in bigger buildings, offer greater flexibility for those in smaller communities who decide to get vaccinated.

“The idea is just to get everybody who can’t make it to the center of Oak Hill or down to the town of Smithers,” Bennett said. “We can get them all vaccinated here in their own town.”

While vaccination numbers continue to increase throughout the state, so do active cases. The availability of Johnson and Johnson combined with the quicker, pop-up clinics should convince even more West Virginians to protect themselves against COVID-19.

“Don’t be concerned,” Swisher said. “It’s convenient. It’s available.”

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