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Police Deliver Fawn Via C-Section After Doe Left To Die

(ABC NEWS)- A New Jersey police department congratulated one of its officers this week after he helped deliver a baby deer after its mother was hit and killed on a roadway.


The Washington Township Police Department in Warren County said officer Robert Lagonera and a partner delivered the fawn via an “an emergency c-section” on Sunday morning after finding its mother on the side of a road.


“Starting at 3:30 am I was dispatched to a deceased doe that was just hit and still had moving fawn inside of it,” Lagonera said, according to a Facebook post by the department. “Washington Township Police Officer Vernon took the initiative and performed an emergency C-section on the deceased doe saving one of the two fawn inside.”


Lagonera said he ended up taking the fawn home with him “to dry it off and get it warm” after spending lots of time “rubbing its chest to help the underdeveloped lungs work.”


The police department shared images of Lagonera with the fawn on its Facebook page Sunday, generating more than 1,200 reactions and comments, writing, “Job well done, Rob.”


“I know I’ve been posting a lot but this morning was too crazy to ignore,” Lagonera said. “Now I’m running around getting the premature fawn the care it needs. No amount of coffee is too much today.”

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