Point Pleasant prepares for 16th annual Mothman Festival

Things are getting pretty spooky in Mason County for the 16th annual Mothman Festival this weekend.

It’s going to be a creepy two days in Point Pleasant, full of people ready to celebrate the Mothman legend.

Organizers spent the day setting up and aired a movie Friday night called ‘The Mothman of Point Pleasant’ to kick off the event.

 Those who live there always get excited to see the attention the festival brings to their town.

The tale of the red-eyed winged legend lives on in Point Pleasant, even though the Mothman was reportedly spotted 51 years ago.

“I think it’s another alien type thing, it was 8-foot tall, it had big wings, like a lizard man, moth wings,” said Rodney Eakin, who is from Grove City, Ohio and sets up a vendor at the festival each year.

Some believe the Mothman had something to do with the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967 that killed 46 people, after a year of reported sightings of the creature.

“It was just very tragic and after that he wasn’t seen again, I believe he was like an omen of doom,” said Linda Begley, who drives from Cincinnati, Ohio every year for the festival.

This weekend people will celebrate their favorite mysterious creature.

The 16th annual Mothman Festival welcomes people from all over the world to fill Main Street.

Some who believe…

“I’ve always been into cryptozoology. I believe in big foot, aliens, Mothman. I think Mothman was brought down by aliens because they had all that UFO activity in the 60s,” Eakin said.

Some who don’t…

“I wouldn’t say I believe but I do know that people saw something. I mean the sightings are not just something that people made up or it was not based on hallucinations. As to what that it is it is impossible to prove one way or another,” said Lyle Blackburn, who is an author and cryptozoologist. He also helped put together the film, ‘The Mothman of Point Pleasant.’

People can listen to encounters on a tour, get a look at the museum, hear from Mothman enthusiasts, and enjoy different activities.

The myth always brings in lots of vendors and adds money to the local economy.

“It’s nice to see how its grown over the past few years. When they first started they didn’t advertise, they only had maybe about 500 people or so show up and now people come from everywhere,” Begley said.

Could the Mothman be behind this? A spooky moment was caught on camera in the Mason County Courthouse this week. A vault door opened by itself. County officials said the door was locked and weighs a lot.

A bit of odd timing as people debate the myth of the Mothman, a unique part of this town’s history.

“The whole story when you talk about people that grew up here, like my boyfriend who lived through it, you just believe something was seen,” Begley said.

The Mothman Festival is free. There are some events and attractions that have a small fee.

You can catch the spooky fun Saturday and Sunday. Here is a link to learn more about the event.

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