Plane Crash Victims Names Released; NTSB Continues Investigation

Officials have identified the pilot and co-pilot killed in the crash of a propeller plane carrying UPS cargo at Yeager Airport.

The airport says in a news release that the victims were identified as 47-year-old Johnathan Pablo Alvarado of Stamford, Texas, and 31-year-old Anh K. Ho of Cross Lanes, West Virginia. Responders had to cut their way through thick brush and trees from above and below to reach the bodies.

The air cargo carriers plane made a hard landing at Yeager Airport in Charleston and went off the edge of a steep, wooded hillside on Friday. Officials said it had arrived from Louisville, Kentucky.

The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the cause of the crash.

The Short 330, owned by Air Cargo Carriers, struck the runway 340 feet after the beginning of the runway threshold. From that first contact point it skidded a total of 650 feet off the left of the runway and down the hillside, English said.

“It’s in a very thick-wooded area. It’s low brush but very tangled and hard to get at. It’s also very muddy in there, a very slippery clay-type of mud so it’s very slow-going,” he said.

But investigators were able to reach the cockpit Saturday where they began checking instruments and controls.

“All major components have been accounted for,” English said.

Investigators are months away from determining what caused the crash at just before 7 o’clock Friday morning. Those who have viewed a pair of videos said it appeared the plane was coming in hot as it arrived from Louisville filled with UPS packages. Those videos showed it was titled to the left, they said. English said it was too early to began analyzing the information collected so far.

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