Pineville Residents Vote In New Mayor and Recreational Levy

PINEVILLE,WV (WOAY)- Grabbing 112 votes first-time politician an Pineville native Mike Kodak was elected as the new Mayor of Pineville. He comes to this position after several years as a teacher and volunteer fireman.

Kodak adds that he has civic pride, “I really love the town of Pineville and I’ve been involved for years volunteering.”

Over the next four years Kodak will be working with city council to start making improvements in Pineville. One of the first things on his list will be to reopen the Palisades Park pool, thanks to the recreational levy.

157 citizens voted for the levy while 61 were against it. The pool closed three years ago due to damage. Pineville couldn’t afford footing the bill.

“I look forward to building up a fund and getting our parks improved and moving forward,” Kodak said.

The levy total is just under $48,000 yearly making the grand total $238,380. Resident’s property have already been assessed and divided into four classes.

Each class will pay a certain amount in cents per $100 that their property is valued at. These changes will begin July 2019 and conclude in 2023.

With Pineville being a small area officials hope this will give locals something to do during the summer months.

Vicki Knight-Clay, Pineville Recorder adds, “There’s such a need for students to have activities to keep busy and occupied.”

Clay told Newswatch, engineers will be coming to the area to estimate how much it will cost to repair the pool.

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