Phone scams on the rise in Raleigh County

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – In Raleigh County, phone scammers are hard at work making fraudulent calls.

One popular scam that has been present recently is phone scammers asking people to buy prepaid cash cards for them to pay off government debts. Lieutenant McCray at the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office gave us some advice on how people can protect themselves from phone scammers. 

“Well the best way to protect yourself, don’t give any information over the phone. Any legitimate business, whether it be private, government, whatever, they’re not gonna ask you to go to Walgreens and get a prepaid gift card of any kind. Anyone doing that, they are scamming you,” McCray said.

And with Americans expecting to receive government checks in the coming weeks due to the stimulus package, scam calls are expected to become very common. 

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