Paradise Pet: From Devastation to Future Plans

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- It was not a normal night on Friday when a car struck a gas meter behind Paradise Pet causing the building to burst into flames.


Although the owners did not want to be seen on camera due to security reasons, WOAY was able to speak to them about their future plans.


“We are wanting to rebuild, relocate and we are planning to do that as quick as possible,” said the owner of Paradise Pet.


One by one, firefighters that responded to the scene helped rescue animals before the smoke harmed them.


“The firefighters brought the animals out the doors. They were giving oxygen to the rabbits, the dogs, everything they brought out was getting fresh oxygen,” said the owner.


While the inside of the building may be demolished, the owners told WOAY that they are thankful for the community support that helped save the animals.


“I can’t thank the community enough for what they have done. The community was out here and jumped in that night in the freezing cold, getting animals and putting them in houses and cars to get them out of the cold,” said the shop owner.


Tragically while some animals were lost, the owners will be embarking on their next journey to build a bigger and better pet store and spa for the community.

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