Owner of Glen Ferris Inn announces run for US Senate as Republican

HEDGESVILLE, WV (NEWS RELEASE) – Tom Willis, a business owner, West Virginia National Guard Special Forces Green Beret (on reserve status), and family man, has launched his campaign for the United States Senate.

Regarding his candidacy, Tom stated, “I’ve served West Virginia and our nation for 18 years in the military arena, now I feel called to continue to serve in the political arena. I’m not satisfied with where West Virginia stands, and I’m not satisfied with the career politicians in Washington. I know my fellow West Virginians aren’t either. West Virginia and our nation can move to a brighter future for our children and us, but it will take principled leadership. As a Special Forces Green Beret Officer and Business Owner, I know I can lead, and I’m ready and able to answer the call of duty to lead West Virginia and our nation in the U.S. Senate to a better future.”

He pointed to Senator Manchin’s recent vote against tax reform as more proof he talks the talk but never walks the walk to get things done for West Virginia in Washington. On the other hand, Tom is focused on encouraging economic investment and job growth in WV, a strong national defense, and as a man of faith, championing West Virginia family values.

“I’m Tom Willis, you probably haven’t heard of me because like most of you, I’ve never run for office before. Instead I enlisted in the WV National Guard and served as a Special Forces Green Beret for close to 18 years. I’m a proud West Virginia father of three, husband, national guardsman and West Virginia business owner. I’m the kind of guy that gets big things done,” said Tom.

“One of the critical issues that we have in West Virginia is that people have put their faith in government. The problem is government isn’t a God that can serve. The government has a vital and important function, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of family and it shouldn’t come at the expense of faith.

We keep sending the same politicians back to D.C. but what do we get, more excuses and promises, more inside deals and foot dragging. It’s clear it’s going to take someone from the outside to remind the politicians who they work for.”

Tom Willis Bio:

A Green Beret Distinguished Honor Graduate, Tom has served America all over the world including tours in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. Most recently, Tom was second in command of a U.S. Army Special Forces Battalion and continues to serve in the West Virginia National Guard on reserve status.

Tom is the proud co-owner and managing member of the historic Glen Ferris Inn in Fayette County, WV, a true state treasure located on the banks of the Kanawha River overlooking the Kanawha Waterfalls.

Tom’s political philosophy stems from his background in business and years of experience confronting Washington’s overreach against free enterprise. He started as a clerk for a federal judge at the U.S. Tax Court and went on to work as a tax lawyer at Baker & McKenzie. Later, he started his own business including real estate development and became owner of the historic Glen Ferris Inn.

Tom is passionate about working to fortify relationships in the military family through serving on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Rick Herrema Foundation. He is an active member of the Independent Bible Church where he sings in the choir.

A former Eagle Scout, Tom speaks French, Spanish and Russian and resides in Hedgesville with his wife Sara and their three children, Hunter, Penielle, and Tommy.

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