Ouch! Woman ordered to make $670 payout for biting off ex’s testicle

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND (BY: AMANDA WOODS, THE NEW YORK POST) – A woman bit off her former flame’s testicle after he refused to have a threesome with her, according to new reports.

Nunzia Del Viscio, 43, claims she was acting in self-defense when she committed the gruesome act in Edinburgh, Scotland on May 22 — but a court still found her guilty of assault and ordered her to pay her de-balled ex-beau $670 compensation, Scottish outlet STV reported.

Del Viscio had been out partying — consuming cocaine and a cocktail of other drugs — with her former boyfriend, Marcello Palma, before returning with him to a friend’s apartment, the outlet reported.

After their pals went to bed, she allegedly came into her ex’s room naked and demanded a menage a trois.

When he said no, she began destroying a bedroom and Palma insisted that she leave — and that’s where things went really downhill, he says.

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