An Organization Goes Above and Beyond!

A wonderful organization goes above and beyond for people who are in need of food or any other necessary items. The non-profit organization, Warm Hands from Warm Hearts opened in 2013 by Mike Bone. “We help both single mothers, we help two family income families that may be just in a bad situation. We help those who are elder, just pretty much anyone in general that needs help, they can come here and we can provide the need hopefully.” said Bone who says it all through Jesus Christ. 

Bone, who runs the organization with his wife, says many of the items that are found at the organization have been donated from local churches as well as community members. “We can help them with food once a week, toilet trees once a month, if we’re speaking of diapers, it’s once a week, just whatever we have.” And although it may seem that warm hands from warm hearts is fully stocked, they are still in need of can foods such as, marinara sauce, cranberry sauce, sliced carrots, anything that can help families who are in need. “You know sharing Gods love by being able to supply these items that people need is what we need to do.” 

If you are interested in donating canned foods or any other perishable items, you can drop off the item at the organizations location in Oak Hill.

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