Operation Turkey keeps sex offenders in check

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The U.S. Marshals performed a sweep throughout Raleigh County to make sure all registered sex offenders comply with the law.  

In Operation Turkey Sweep, West Virginia State Police and the U.S. Marshals visited 100 registered sex offenders in Raleigh County without warning.

“The United States role in sex offenders verification falls under the Adam Walsh Act, which was passed in 2006 and it allow us to work with the state and local partners to make sure sex offenders are complying with the laws,” U.S Marshal Michael Baylous said. 

During the sweep, authorities say they found 23 offenders in violation. Five others were arrested and 7 criminal investigations were initiated.  

“We ended up having 100 verification attempts in the last three days. Out of those 100 we verified 93,” Cpl. R.A. Marsh said.  

According to authorities,  as a result of the sweep more arrests are expected to be made along with investigations. Baylous said the sweep was successful and plans on doing more in the future. 

“So it was successful to identify those who have violated the law, but we would really like to see no arrest and no violations when we do this.”

If you would like to check the registry sex offenders in your area, you can visit www.dsp.org.

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