Open Enrollment For The Health Insurance Marketplace

BECKLEY, WV – For those who are in need of Health Insurance Coverage, Raleigh General Hospital has started open enrollment.

Raleigh General Hospital has began open enrollment for their Health Insurance Marketplace. Open enrollmenr is for anyone who does not have medical health coverage.
” Its going to take them through what their income is how many’s in the household and then show them some of the programs that would be a good fit for what their household is.” Said Laura Adkins, Director of patient financial services

The marketplace is open at the hospital so people can enroll for health insurance with the help from a certified application counselor that will assist in the application process.
” So that when they leave here their going to know if they were eligible for an insurance that’s going to cover them and the needs that they have and they’ll have all that information the application completed and they’ll know how to go back and look at that information.” Said Adkins

Being able to go to the doctor and see a physician about health care is important. There are multiple health insurances and during open enrollment one can see what insurance fits their needs the best. ” I’ts better to have that health ins where you can go and be proactive about your health and be able to talk to your physician about what going on because you don’t want to wait until a small problem can become huge and that’s when your coming into the emergency room. You don’t want it just when you come into the hospital you want it so you van do those follow ups with the doctor.” Said Adkins

Open enrollment is from now until December 15th.

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