ONLY ON WOAY: Witness Speaks After I-77 Crash

CAMP CREEK, WV (WOAY) – It was a normal day for Chris Bailey and his friends when suddenly it took a turn for the worse.

“We were out working in the garage and heard a big explosion an tires squealing so we took off running,” Bailey said.

Bailey’s home is roughly 500 ft away from where the accident happened. Eager to help he and his friends had no clue what they were about to encounter

“It was two of them laying on the ground and 12 of us could not get that truck up,” Bailey noted.

With the help of a jack the truck was lifted and the man under was pulled away, which is when the real challenge began, “I┬áran back over to the garage to get all the first aid kits I could find and gave them to a guy who wanted them and he started helping them.”

According to State Police a tractor double-trailer was traveling southbound when it collided with two West Virginia Parkway Authority vehicles that were on the side of the roadway.

Bailey says the turnpike needs to implement more signs to alert drivers

“Slow the traffic down do something because this shouldn’t have happen but it did and nobody likes to see this stuff,” Bailey said.

Bailey wants the community to know that he is not a hero he is just doing what he would want someone to do for him if it was him on that interstate.

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