(ONLY ON WOAY) Assistant Superintendent Retires After 38 Years

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – After 38 years in the Fayette County Educational system, Mr. Hough has been called a teacher, a principal, and Assistant Superintendent. His most recent title of grandpa is the one that made him decide it is time to step away.

“About a year ago we had a little granddaughter born and we wanted to spend more time with her,” said Mr. Hogue.

Although Mr. Hough is stepping away you will still see him helping where he can.

“Not to ignore things that are going on here because I still want to be involved, I still want to be of assistance because this is where we have devoted our lives,” explained Mr. Hough.

With so much experience under his belt, Mr. Hough says his proudest moments came from being a part of a great team.

“Many great opportunities with young people over the years that brought pride. About three things stand out to me. What we have done the last three years to watch the system move again with construction and obtaining monies and being part of the team. Seeing the schools of when I was a principal obtain achievement and the students achieving in those schools was a great joy to me and I am not always the person that did that, it was also the teachers. I also had the opportunity to put in one of the first wellness centers in the state of West Virginia,” said Mr. Hough.

Even with all of these achievements, there is one thing that kept Mr. Hough in this area.

“I have chosen to spend my life living here because of the people. Truly West Virginia is a state where I am very proud of the friendliness and kindness kind of atmosphere that is demonstrated every day,” said Mr. Hough.

Thank you, Mr. Hough, for devoting your life’s work to West Virginia’s future generations.

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