One Year Anniversary June 2016 Floods

June 23rd, 2016 is a day that many in Rainelle as well as other West Virginians will never forget.  Heavy rains swept through the town, knocking homes off their foundation, leaving several in pain and devastation. Flood victim, Pearl Day told us, “Today hasn’t been easy, my oldest when it started raining today she was extremely afraid. She was scared to death that we were going to flood again and I had to try and calm her down, she wasn’t happy until it actually quit raining. She could go look at the water and make sure it hadn’t gone up.” Another flood victim, Shirley Lowther added, “Everything was gone, the water was five and half feet inside the house.

However, exactly a year later, Rainelle stands defiant, holding candles and bright lights after the towns darkest day. Flood victim, Robby Paglin said, “I lost everything else, four feet and a half and down in my house.” But, many those flood victims say they believe there is a great future ahead. Paglin added, “Everything seems to be calming down, of course there are times when I even get nervous, when we have heavy rains. But, other than that everything is much better, a lot better.” While Lowther said, “I’m just glad to have friends and that we all survived. We can all get together and celebrate the fact that we are still here and Rainelle is still here. We are not going to go away we are going to keep rebuilding.” 

Rainelle will continue to work together on their road to recovery. 

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