One Tank Trip: West Virginia Adventures

GLEN JEAN, WV (WOAY) – Whether it’s riding the rapids on the New or facing the extreme on the Gauley, West Virginia Adventures allows for an unforgettable experience on both of the Mountain State’s most intense waterways.

A family-owned and operated adventure company, there’s no other one quite like it in the New River Gorge region. While many flock to the bigger rafting corporations, families can get the same all-inclusive adventure package from a handful of knowledgeable raft guides adamant about giving people the most personalized experience down the river.

“Something people come here for compared to other companies is that we offer only private rafts, so if you’re coming here you’re not going to be mixed in with other groups, and a lot of times that means we’re running smaller boats and that means you get more of a personalized experience,” says River Manager at WV Adventures, Tristan Coots.

From the most extreme to a gentle float, this adventure company provides a little something for everyone out on the river.

Offering about 8 different kinds of rafting expeditions, the packages include Family Upper-New trips on the calmer section of the river, Intermediate trips on the more intense Lower-New and Gauley Rivers, and Extreme rafting trips on the Upper Gauley reserved for only the bravest and most experienced rafters around.

The onset of summertime and the increase of visitors coming to the Gorge post-peak of Covid-19 has really seemed to put this adventure company on the map. Coots says the past weekend has been the busiest one yet this season and he expects it to stay that way.

“I expect things to continue rolling and continue having those big trips and big days for us,” he says. “I can’t wait I’m really excited to see what the rest of New River season holds and then I’m definitely excited to see how Gauley season goes this fall.”

Along with a unique, exciting rafting experience the company also offers an array of lodging opportunities, from two-bedroom cabins to RV sites, tent camping, and more.

Located at 231 Wood Mountain Road in Glen Jean, WV Adventures is just a short drive from the New River Gorge National Park, Fayetteville, and the best attractions in the area. You can find them on their website or by emailing them at

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