One Tank Trip: Fall Foliage

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – On this week’s edition of One Tank Trip, we’re taking a look at the fall foliage that is making itself known throughout the state.

West Virginia is a tourism hotspot at all times throughout the year, but fall is a special time, as thousands of tourists and locals alike flock to famous spots to see the leaves change. 

According to the West Virginia Department of Tourism, they’re excited to see many people choose West Virginia as their tourist destination this fall. 

“People have fallen back in love with the great outdoors, and they’re finding that in West Virginia,” Deputy Secretary Emily Hatfield said. “We’re seeing people wanting to go away from the crowded towns, and they’re seeking the things West Virginia has every day.”

The fall foliage can be seen when doing just about anything. Rafting, rock climbing, hiking, or even just a quick scenic drive can all become incredible experiences.

This is especially true around the New River Gorge. The different elevations means that the fall period is extended and gives you a little extra time to see the leaves change.

“We’re the third-most forested state. Which means there’s a lot of fall color to be seen. We’re also the only state completely covered in the Appalachian Mountains. That means our topography extends out the fall season and makes it even longer. So fall colors start at our higher elevations, and then slowly makes its way to the lower elevations.”

The Department of tourism is also encouraging travelers to go online and tag their photos with #AlmostHeaven. They plan to feature some beautiful photos showing off the fall colors on their website. 

And no matter where you go along the New River Gorge this fall, you can get there in just one tank of gas.

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