One Tank Trip: Enjoying the Adventures On The Gorge

Thousands of people are drawn to the mountain state every summer… and it isn’t just to see the picture-perfect views of West Virginia…it’s to enjoy the outdoor adventures that no other state in the country can offer – all in one weekend!

Whether it’s rock climbing, white-water rafting, zip lining, canoeing, or kayaking… it’s time to lace up your shoes, pick up your paddle, and put on your helmet to join the adventures on the gorge!

And I mean that quite literally. A resort that’s right here within our reach, gives you access to everything that our wild and wonderful state has to offer.

“We just encourage people that live in the area to come out and try these adventures. It’s not just people that travel here, it’s right in your backyard, so we highly encourage families, friends, any type of youth or corporate groups. We encourage everybody to come out and experience what we have right here in Fayette County,” said a member of the Adventures on the Gorge staff.

Instead of traveling to far places to experience an adventure… we encourage you to try out all the best activities West Virginia has to offer… very close to home!

“It’s a great way to access our state. it’s a great reason to come here for vacation or a weekend. It’s physical, it’s adventurous, it’s fun! You get to be outside in a beautiful water canyon. You get to see some of the better parts of West Virginia, and what we have to offer here for people from out of state,” one of the raft guides told us.

We all know that West Virginia is one of the best kept secrets in the east, and when you spend a weekend acting like a visitor – you’ll remember why our state is almost heaven!

Oh…and the best part is… it’s all doable in just one tank of gas!


Some of the video is courtesy of: Adventures on the Gorge

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