One Tank Trip: Carnegie Hall

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Located in historic downtown Lewisburg is Carnegie Hall. It used to be part of the Greenbrier College, before being converted into a culture center in 1983. Since then, they’ve held performances, art galleries and more at the 119 year old building. 

But ever since the pandemic hit, they’ve had to slow down on the performances. It came at a bad time.

According to Carnegie Hall’s Marketing Director Philip McLaughlin, they had just finished remodeling their auditorium and only just got back to in-person performances a few weeks ago. 

“The auditorium was finished in about March or April of 2020, and it had been dark ever since,” McLaughlin said. “Luckily, we were able to announce the season. We had our first show about two weeks ago.”

Now that the season has kicked off, they’re excited to get people into the historic auditorium once again. They have plenty of shows lined up, including the return of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra in December.

As well, they have rotating art galleries that are a huge hit with locals. 

“We do actually have four art galleries in the hall which rotate every couple of months with different artists.” 

On top of that, they’ve had a heavy focus on their education programs since the pandemic began. They offer a variety of classes for the community that are always changing, including clay sculpting, weaving, music and more.

“Our horizons are limitless of what we could do education wise. And we just want to bring that to as many people as possible.” 

Carnegie Hall has plenty of in-person experiences you can sign up for in the coming months. And being located in Lewisburg, you can get there no problem in just one tank of gas.

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