One Tank Trip – Bridge Walk

While every resident and visitor of West Virginia has driven over the famous New River Gorge Bridge…. How many of you have dared to walk right under it?!

On this week’s One Tank Trip, you’ll experience the walk of your life on the catwalk, underneath the bridge that’s 851 feet high.

“Just experiencing something that you drive over everyday and take for granted, and then to come under here and feel so isolated and private and you feel like you’re under here by yourself and looking out and seeing this while beautiful state,” said Stacy Butcher & John Dodds, West Virginia residents.

Scared of heights? Don’t worry… the cables have you locked in tight so you’ll feel safe and secure!

The New River Gorge is one of the highest and longest bridges in the world. This catwalk is one of the only bridge walks in the world and is actually the highest!

You can feel the vibrations from the cars and trucks passing just right on top of you, and right below you, you can see the rafters and everyone else who’s enjoying the New River Gorge.

The guided, interpretive tour is over a mile long, and lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on how long you want to spend looking at the breathtaking views and learning about the history of the bridge.

Doug Coleman, a team member from Bridge Walk, told us, “Over the years, it’s become an iconic symbol for West Virginia. As you know, it shows up on phone book covers, highway maps, and the West Virginia quarter.”

So for those of you looking to share an adventure, the New River Gorge Bridge Walk awaits – and it’s doable in way less than one tank of gas!

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