One Of Five Wyoming County Men Who Kidnapped And Beat Another Man Is Sentenced To Prison

UPDATE: (3/5/19 at 10:30 AM) WYOMING COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – A Wyoming County man pleaded guilty to a kidnapping charge and will serve 15 years in prison.

Joshua Allen of Oceana, along with four others, kidnapped a man on March 22 and then beat him.  Allen was facing charges of conspiracy, kidnapping, and malicous assault but as part of the plea deal, those all were dropped, except for the kidnapping charge.

The othe four men have not been sentenced yet.


UPDATE: (4/3/18 at 3:11 PM) WYOMING COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The men accused of beating a man and holding him against his will in Wyoming County in March are going in front of a judge this week.

Joshua Allen had his pretrial hearing on Thursday. The Judge found probable cause for the charges of conspiracy to commit malicious wounding and conspiracy to kidnap charge. Probable cause was also found for a 3rd-degree sexual assault charge that is unrelated to the beating case.

Aaron Irick had his pretrial hearing on Wednesday. The judge found probable cause for the kidnapping charge and 2 conspiracy charges.

Hunter Lusk had his pretrial hearing on Monday. The judge found that there was enough probable cause for the conspiracy to commit malicious wounding charge, but not enough for the kidnapping charge. Prosecutor say they plan to file more charges before Lusk’s case goes to trial.

Alex Hamrick had his pretrial hearing on Tuesday. The judge found that there was enough probable cause for both the conspiracy to commit unlawful wounding charge and accessory after the fact.

Dalton Watts will have his pretrial hearing on April 18th.

Prosecutors say the men will go before the grand jury on May 7th.


WYOMING COUNTY— Before he was arrested in connection with beating a man in Oceana, Joshua Allen had been involved sexually with a 13-year-old.

According to court documents the incident happened on March 10 at a party at Twin Falls. The victim said the incident happened in a bedroom at the party.

Allen is 27 years old and the victim was 13.

The incident was investigated by police on March 25. The prosecuting attorney says Allen has been charged with 3rd-degree sexual assault.


UPDATE: (3/28/18 at 4:30 PM) WYOMING COUNTY – A fifth person has been arrested in connection with beating another person and holding him against his will.

Dalton Watts turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday morning. No word yet on what charges Watts will face.

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UPDATE: (3/28/18 at 10 AM) WYOMING COUNTY— A fourth person has been arrested in connection with beating another man that was videoed on Snapchat.

Court documents say that Alex Hamrick was arrested Tuesday night. The men told the victim to call Alex and tell him about pictures he received of a girl. The men drove to Alex Hamrick’s house and the fight continued. Hamrick threw an object at the victim and then stomped on him.

Hamrick is facing charges of conspiracy and accessory after the fact. He is in jail under a 50,000 dollar cash bond.

WYOMING COUNTY– Three people have been arrested after holding another man captive and beating him.

Hunter Lusk and Aaron Irick are facing malicious wounding and kidnapping charges. Josh Allen is also facing conspiracy charges in addition to the previous charges as well.

According to court documents, the victim was playing video games at an apartment in Oceana on March 22 beginning around 3:30 AM. Josh Allen and Hunter Lusk came in around 6:30 AM and pushed the victim and started yelling at him. Allen told the victim he was either going to knock him out or they were going to fight.

The victim told the boys he did not want to fight but they went downstairs. Another boy videoed the encounter while Hunter headbutted the victim. Aaron then arrived at the apartment. Josh kicked the victim on the nose and the boys then forced him to leave the apartment and go to another residence.

He was then beat repeatedly by multiple people before being taken to a neighbor’s house. The victim was taken to Logan Regional Hospital and treated for a broken nose, lacerations to the back, face, and chest, a black eye and multiple bruises. He has since been taken to Pikeville, KY for further medical treatment.

The prosecuting attorney says more charges are coming in this case.

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