One Group Of Residents In Oak Hill Are Worried For Their Safety

A hand full of residents who live in the beautiful country side of Oak Hill are concerned with their safety. About three weeks a ago when a storm cell moved through the neighborhood, the high winds brought a few large trees to the ground. These trees brought with it a large wooden deck and shattered multiple windows and a back door entrance, which is now blocked completely by the tree branches.

‚ÄčJohn Roy Tucker, Neighbor said, “Three weeks ago tomorrow, this tree fell and blocked fire exits. We have children living here and I think that before we compound the problem and this place catches on fire, we get the problem taken care of now; before we get blood on our hands is what I believe.”

Residents who rent on this property and their neighbors are concerned about how these downed trees block vital exits which now can’t be used in case of a fire emergency. Fayette County Building Code Officials have been notified and I got a chance to speak to one official on the phone Wednesday morning.

Allen Ballard, Fayette County Building Code Official said, “The issue is being looked into and will be resolved within ten days when they receive a letter of violation.”

-Frank Notarbartolo

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