On 50th anniversary, Fayetteville honors victims of 1970 Marshall plane crash

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Town of Fayetteville honors the victims of the 1970 Marshall plane crash.

50 years ago, Courtney and Herbert Proctor of Fayetteville were on Southern Airways Flight 932 and tragically lost their lives along with everyone else on the plane.

Courtney Proctor was a Fayetteville native and a graduate of Fayette High. Her husband Herbert was a graduate of Marshall, and a physician for the football team. This Saturday, wreaths and flowers were placed on their graves and on the memorial at the Fayetteville Town Park. 

“In Fayetteville, we just like to remember the Proctors, the Moorehouse family, all the families. And we felt that we needed to put the wreaths up to let them know we haven’t forgotten,” Fayetteville Mayor Sharon Cruikshank said.

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