The Old Fayetteville High School Building Restoration Efforts

The old Fayetteville High School building remains locked, but people of Fayetteville say that won’t be for too much longer. A few graduates of the old high school came together Monday morning to get the word out about the restoration of the building. One way they are spreading the news through Fayetteville is through a sign. “This draws more publicity to it. We have had the fundraising in place but people drive by and they see this and it is a vocal point right here in front of the court house. It will draw more attention to our project here in the town.” said Mayor of Fayetteville, Dennis Hanson.

The historic building was built in 1923 and the last high school graduating class was in 1976. Since then the building has continued to age, and the Mayor of Fayetteville says he does not want this building to go to waste. “It’s a worthy project, it will save and keep some of the history of the town in place and we are not letting it go to rack and ruin.” said the Mayor.

The committee has received three hundred and forty three thousand dollars so far in donations, but their goal is much bigger than that. “Our goal for the first phase is a million and we think we can do that. We’re going very well so far with the fundraising.” said Council Member, Sharon Cruikshank. There has not been a finalized decision in what they will use the building for, but they said they have┬áseveral ideas.

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