Oak Leaf Festival celebrates its 22nd year

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The 22nd annual Oak Leaf Festival is taking place right in downtown Oak Hill and people come out to celebrate this Labor Day weekend and a fresh start to fall through the many festivities the event holds every year.

“It just really shows you the spirit of Oak Hill, you look around and you see everybody just having a great time, coming together, and celebrating a great city, so it’s just a wonderful event,” says festival attendee Miranda Bates.

With its cancelation last year, the festival is returning to full swing this year, with some old and some new vendors, music, parades, and endless celebration throughout the streets.

“Everybodys just been kind of cooped up for almost two years so I think it’s good to get out, visit with friends, and see people that you haven’t seen for a while,” says Saundie Smith, Director of the festival.

And apart from the Oak Leaf being a great event for the many local businesses promoting what they sell, the festival is also a beneficial way to help different organizations raise funds and show off all that they do around the community.

“We are doing a fundraiser for our club and each of us contributed plants, and we do lots of projects around Oak Hill,” Carol Manning, Secretary of Woodland Oaks Garden Club says.

The Oak Leaf Festival has been in full swing since Thursday but today is the biggest day of the festival, with events taking place all day long– from the parade, live music, and a game tournament starting at 8 p.m. Tomorrow will close out this year’s festival with a car show, chili cook-off, and fireworks, making a perfect way to celebrate this Labor Day Weekend.


You can visit oakleaffestivalwv.org or the Oak Leaf Festival on Facebook to find out more.

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