Oak Hill Woman Opens Animal Shelter

For one local girl, a dream to rescue animals was something she thought, she’d never achieve. Now, that dream has finally become a reality. Twenty-three year old Fallyn Wakefield of Oak Hill, grew up loving animals. It wasn’t until after working at the Fayette County Animal Shelter, that Wakefield decided she wanted to be the one to rescue animals all on her own, but still did not think it was possible. After, countless hours of research and legal approval, Wakefield opened “Al’s Angels Animal Rescue”, a non-profit organization that helps and rescues animals who have been neglected or abused.

Founder and President of Al’s Angel’s Animal Rescue Shelter, Fallyn Wakefield said in an interview with WOAY, “It’s a fosterbase program, so the more fosters we have the more animals we can save. I currently have three fosters, we need more fosters, so we really need to reach out into the community and ask for help. Will also will be running off donations, so donations will help tremendously. Especially vet bills, because when you do adopt they will be spayed and neutered. They will have their vaccinations, that’s included in the adoption fee and the adoption fee is 60 dollars. We will also want to let the community know how important it is to neuter your pets and also with animal cruelty if you see it, you need to report it, it’s a must.”

If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved, you can visit Al’s Angels Animal Shelter Facebook page for more information.

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