Oak Hill Town Hall Meeting

This Sunday, Fayette County’s representatives to the West Virginia legislature were invited to a Town Hall Meeting in Oak Hill to answer questions about the current legislative session. The Town Hall was open to the public, and the community was encouraged to attend with questions and suggestions. The room was indeed full of concerned residents who wanted some answers. However, the seats of those invited from the legislative delegation remained empty throughout the entire meeting.

“It’s a disappointment that the representatives didn’t show up, but my experience said also, it’s not a shock. So, you just keep going,” Jean Evansmore, a Mount Hope resident & activist, told us.

And that’s exactly what they did. The community came together to talk about ways to resolve some of the problems Fayette County is currently facing.

Christopher Pennington, a Board Member of Fayette Fair Share, said, “When more people speak up and more people get together, they get a better idea of what the average West Virginia really wants.”

Paige Daoporto, a Fayette County resident, also agreed by saying, “These are the people that are really concerned. That are really serious about making these improvements in our lives and where we live, that really care.”

Fayette Fair Share recorded the entire Town Hall meeting, and will be sending it to the West Virginia legislature so that they can be aware of what the community wants.

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