Oak Hill Teachers Protest In Response To Freezing PEIA

Fayette County., WV (WOAY)– Earlier this week Governor Jim Justice decided to freeze the proposed hike in PEIA rates. The freeze is for the next 17 months until they can figure out a better solution.

Several Fayette County teachers along with their families rallied together in Oak Hill to protest the proposed freeze.

Fayette County Teacher Tega McGuffin said, “We’ve underwent drastic changes in our PEIA in the last six years and we need it fixed for the betterment of our families and the betterment of the teaching profession as a whole.”

Teachers also made complaints that with Governor Justice’s proposed annual one percent raise over the next five years that it simply is not enough.

Several of the teachers said that even with the House proposed 2 percent initial increase with an annual 1 percent increase for three years is still not ideal, especially with inflation and low wages. Once the increase in insurance happens it will become difficult to provide for their families.

“Teachers┬álove kids but we also really need to support our families that’s why were out here protesting today and we just ask for the communities support,” McGuffin adds.

State workers add that their main goal is to get their PEIA rates fully covered.

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