Oak Hill Residents Concerned About Property Being Surveyed

“I was told that they probably could take my home too,” said Rosebud Logan who has lived in her Oak Hill home since 1950. 

90 year old Logan and her daughter, Carolyn Benda are just two of the many residents living on Terry Avenue, who say they are in fear of their home being gone in a blink of an eye. According to Logan and her daughter it all started on August 23rd after she saw officials from an unknown company surveying on the street they live on. Logan later found out they were from, Thrasher Engineering Company. 

“I’ve heard so many different things, like a zip line. I also heard a roadway coming through which if they take a road through here they would own the entire cliff so that’s a good way to get possession of the entire cliff and I also heard a sewer,” said Benda.  

Larry Ballard who also lives on Terry Avenue claims he has seen officials from Thrasher surveying on his property several times. Ballard added, “They just told me that they wish they owned this property, all this property up here.” 

However, according to Oak Hill City Manager Bill Hannabass, Thrasher is not surveying Terry Avenue, the land that they are surveying is the property of Berwind Land Company which is located behind Terry Avenue.

“There’s also no truth that anyone will be displaced from their home or property condemned by eminent domain, none of that is true or in the plans, none of it is true. There is no access to the property being sought there is no pump stations for sewer being put in that area, all of that is not true,” said Hannabass.

Hannabass says what is true is that the property own by Berwind Land Company is being surveyed by Thrasher Engineering Company that is hired by West Virginia Land Trust. The property that is owned by Berwind Land Company, when it is purchased by the West Virginia Land Trust, the plans are for them to convey it into the city of Oak Hill. 

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