Oak Hill Receives ISO Public Protection Classification

OAK HILL (WOAY) – The Oak Hill fire Department has received a Public Protection Classification of 3 / 3X from the International Standards Organization (ISO). This is the best classification the City has ever received. The Oak Hill Fire Department received a Classification rating of 5 after the last review. The rating is 1 through 10 with a one being the highest rating and 10 being no protection. The 3 / 3X rating is likely to reduce the cost of insurance for homeowners in some cases. This change will be effective on June 1, 2018.

Periodically, International Standards Organization (ISO) performs an analysis to determine whether the community has made significant changes in its fire-suppression system. Upon review, ISO conducts a survey and updates a community’s Public Protection Classification (PPC).

A community’s investment in fire mitigation has proven to be a reliable predictor of future fire losses and by classifying the ability to suppress fires, ISO helps communities evaluate their public fire-protection services. This program assists fire departments in planning and budgeting for facilities, equipment, and training. In response, cities will improve their public fire-protection services and secure lower fire insurance premiums that fairly reflect the risk of a loss.

West Virginia American Water and the 911 Center are integral to the excellent Protection Classification received by the OHFD. Attached is information showing where the OHFD ranks in relationship to all FD’s countrywide and it is definitely in front of the pack.

Tim Richardson, Chief

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