Oak Hill Murder Suspect Caught, Deputies Now Search For Motive

The main suspect in the Sunday morning murder of an Oak Hill woman is now in custody.

Derrick Michael Crouse, 19, was arrested at around 11 a.m. on Tuesday in Downtown Oak Hill.

Deputies said Derrick and another man, that you can see in this exclusive surveillance video we received from a neighbor, broke into Janet Garrett’s home and shot her in the chest.

So was Derrick connected to this woman or was it a random target?

Sheriff Mike Fridley, of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, said, “We are not going to release any more information, the motive, what we think it is. We have ideas, but until it’s hard in stone, I’m not going to put it out to the public because we’re not 100% sure right now, but we feel certain. I can say 100% certain that we have the right man in custody and the county can feel at ease because I know there’s another individual involved, but I’m telling you, as the Sheriff, and Mr. Prosecutor can say the same thing, the county could rest at ease.”

However, a relative of Derrick Crouse, who was with him later that night, says there is no way he could’ve been a part of this.

“No, he was not out of the ordinary at all. Nothing. He was just normal. Took him to my house, got him something to eat, and left and said he was going to his girlfriend’s house.”

Derrick Crouse was not granted bond since he was charged with murder, but now awaits his next date in court.

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