Oak Hill High School seniors vote for first time

FAYETTE COUNTY (WOAY)-  Thirty high school seniors have done something they’ve never done before. They voted.

“I came out today to vote because I think it’s important to our economy and our state and I want to make a difference in my community,” Oak Hill senior Tori McKowiak said.

The students went to their first polling place Friday morning, the Fayette County Memorial building, to cast their first ballot. They want to have a voice and they want it to be heard in Tuesday’s election

“It’s a right that we were given and were very fortunate because there are a lot of countries in this world today that do not have the same form of government that we do,” senior Matthew Cortines said.

“I think it’s important to go out and vote because you get to help make decisions that will effect you and your community,” senior Georgia White said.

Bret Floyd is the Civics teacher at Oak Hill High. For the past 3-years, Floyd has taken his students to vote as a way of teaching them the importance of the 26th amendment of the united states constitution.

“Not only is it a civic duty but there’s other places in this world where you don’t have that right and people are kind of begging for that right,” Floyd said. “We’re trying to get them to see, you know, this is not something you can take lightly. This is very important.”

To cap off the trip,  the West Virginia National Guard heard about the students early voting, and brought them lunch.

“They enjoy it everyone enjoys getting out of school away from the classroom once in a while so if we can provide them a small lunch, something different than a school lunch, it’s a little morale boost for them too,” Jeremy Crosier said.

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