Oak Hill Celebrates Seventh Annual White Oak Rail Trail

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Fayette County celebrated the annual White Oak Rail Trail Expo on Saturday, June 2.

This event marked the seventh year for the expo. Community members lined up throughout the rail trailing in downtown Oak Hill to witness all the items 150 vendors had to offer.

From desserts to homemade trinkets there was something for everyone. This year the event incorporated something new a performance by Three Card Monte.

Sharon Cruikshank with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce looks forward to putting events like this together, because it serves as a networking opportunity between resident’s and businesses.

“If you don’t have support from your community, for your business then there’s no need to open the doors. It’s basic community service and basic community involvement. We’re each other’s neighbors we have to support each other in order to succeed.”

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who attended and participated this event. Next years White Oak Rail Trail will take place on Saturday, June 1.

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