Nursing Shortage In West Virginia

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)-  Around the nation, there is a shortage of one of the most important and essential positions in health care.


A shortage of nurses is happening right here in West Virginia and a number of hospitals are in dire need of nurses.


Health experts warn that the shortage of nurses presents a risk to both patients and the entire medical field.


The U.S. Bureau Of Labor estimates that there will be more than one million job openings for registered nurses by 2024.


One local college shared how they are trying to assist with bridging the gap, “There is a shortage of nurses in West Virginia. Valley does their part in helping with the certified nursing assistant program, as well as the medical assistant program and the phlebotomist certification,”said Laura Adkins, Student Finance Specialist at Valley College.


Additionally, in some parts of our community, the number of nurses aging out and retiring exceeds the number of nursing school graduates.

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