NRHS Fur Ball Event

The New River Humane Society held their fourth annual Fur Ball Event at the Holiday Lodge Hotel in Oak Hill Saturday evening. The event took place from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. The events theme this year was “Circus Night”, dinner and dessert was served as well as a silent auction. Mary Moses, who is a Board Member at the Humane Society said, “It’s design to get awareness out and also raise some funds for our multiple, multiple bills we have.” when asked what the cause of the event was. We also asked Moses who usually attends the event, she stated, “A lot of our folks that are here have adopted or fostered animals through our shelter. A lot of the folks here have done a lot for our shelter … But then you just also have a few who are just here with friends, who aren’t necessarily animal lovers, so it’s neat, you know..that they get to come and support this as well.”

The NRHS sold 128 tickets this year to the Fur Ball Event and when we asked guests if they were having a good time many of them replied, yes! Millie Gonzalez who was a guest at the event, stated, “I’m friends with some of the people that are involved in it, I love the animals. I have two dogs myself and four it just seems like a fun thing to do in the winter.” Another guest, Diane May, stated, “Well first of all, I love animals, my friend Mary was selling tickets, so she talked me into it.”

The event was very successful this year and one thing that Moses said that many people do not realize was, “Its a great way to get out and have fun. And so you want to come to it and have fun, so it’s good to know that everything that your spending tonight, one hundred percent of that will go to the animals… It makes a huge difference in their lives and you get to change an animals life and also have a fun night.”


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