North Carolina couple collects their $1 million prize

FRANKLIN CO., VA (WSET) — There is some serious luck brewing in Franklin County.


Whistle Stop had their second lottery winner over the weekend. While they didn’t win the jackpot, they did win a cool $1 million.

Joe and Jerry Mears are from Eden North Carolina and were visiting their home at Smith Mountain Lake last weekend.

Jerry says he decided to buy a ticket at Whistle Stop on Friday because he was feeling lucky.

He let the computer generate the numbers, and little did he know he was walking away with a winning ticket.

The Mears’ ticket had five matching numbers, with the only thing missing being the Mega Millions Multiplier.

On Wednesday they claimed their $1 million prize.


“I thought gosh I’ve hit 5 but what does it pay? I thought gosh I’d be tickled to death if I got $10,000,” Jerry said. “And then I looked over and saw 1 million and I couldn’t believe it!”

The Mears say they’re considering this an anniversary gift since they’ll be celebrating 47 years of marriage next month.

Whistle Stop’s owners also got a cash bonus of $10,000.

The Mears’ say they don’t know exactly how they’ll spend the $1 million but they have three kids and seven grand kids so they say they’ll likely be able to find a few ways to spend it.


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