No Decision Today After Nicholas School Closing Arguments

The hearing that took place at the Nicholas County Circuit Court Monday morning lasted several hours. Judge James Rowe’s goal was to determine whether the Nicholas County Board of Education violated the state’s open meeting law.

Bob Henry Baber Ph.D, Mayor of Richwood said, “On September 9th the board of education requested relocation of the Richwood schools from the director of the state decision of homeland security and emergency management, according to a FEMA region 3 spokesperson. This ship sailed, on September 9th. That’s when they made the request. All the rest of this has just been a dog and pony act.”

Those parents who are against the consolidation would like to keep their children in a small school atmosphere. The lawsuit was issued due to the claim that board members met in small groups to discuss consolidation.

Bob Henry Baber Ph.D, Mayor of Richwood said, “This board has secretly met, has talked behind the scenes, has violated Sunshine Laws and it’s all going to come out.”

The judge won’t decide for ten days who has won, the state board of education will not touch the issue until the judge makes his ruling. It’ll have to play out. It’s all headed to the state board of education after the judge makes his decision.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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