Nine cars vandalized in Rainelle

RAINELLE, WV (WOAY) – Once Ryan Boggs, a Rainelle resident, realized his car had been vandalized with the rear window completely busted out, he quickly found out he wasn’t the only one. 

“I had heard about it happening to other people, so I never thought twice at first. It was just like, ‘What the heck happened?’ and then I realized this was a common thing happening around town, so I kind of figured I was one of the unlucky ones,” Boggs said. 

And there were 9 unlucky ones total who experienced the vehicle damage. The four teenagers responsible were eventually caught, but town officials like Councilman John Wyatt say acts of vandalism like this just add to the problems in the town that already exist. 

“There’s more to it than just teenage vandalism to what’s going on in our town. That was a big issue,” Wyatt said. “There’s 9 vehicles that were vandalized. Windows broken and so forth but there have been others that have been vandalized that were not teenage boys. Windows broken out, weapons taken out of the car.” 

While Boggs waited for the repairman, a visit that would cost him $300, he still had an understanding attitude saying he wishes there were more fun things in the town for teenagers to do. However, even though they didn’t steal anything, he says he can’t help but feel violated. 

“This is something I work for, I pay for and to have someone come and try to take that away from me, put us in a bad spot especially this close to Christmas,” Boggs said. “Everybody’s scrambling to get gifts. You can buy a lot of stuff for $300.” 

According to Rainelle Police, the four juveniles were caught but because of their age did not want to say how they were charged. 

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