"Nightmare in the Gorge" is Back This Weekend!

The ghosts and goblins are getting ready for their Halloween debut, and so is ACE Adventure’s “Nightmare in the Gorge.”

“So we’re getting ready for Nightmare in the Gorge coming up this weekend! We’re kicking things off on Friday the 13th. We’ve got two haunted house attractions. We got ‘The Warehouse’ behind me, and ‘The Wonderland Fun House’. We’re going to meet Crusty and all my friends and all my circus freaks,” said Chris Colin, 

Now in its third year, the Adventure Park draws thrill seekers looking for a scary good time! 

“We’ve got night zip lines going on. We’ve got bands at the Lost Paddle down at the bar these next couple of weekends.  So it’s really amazing. Make an evening out of it! Come out and let us scare you in the haunted houses, and then have a few drinks and dance with the bands!”

For just $10 a person, you can walk, run or scream your way through some of the best haunted houses and Halloween festivities in Southern West Virginia.

“It’s happening every Friday and Saturday from now until the end of October. 7 p.m. to midnight, each night,” said Colin.  

And you can get spooked in way less than one tank of gas! 

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