Nicholas County Schools Respond To Abuse Allegations By Former Employee

SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The Nicholas County Board Of Education is responding to allegations made by a student that was allegedly mistreated by a former school employee.

The Board Of Education released the following statement: “As you may know, there have been allegations made on social media recently about a former school employee allegedly mistreating a Nicholas County Schools student. The NCOBE has already taken appropriate action on that matter. If you believe that you possess relevant evidence regarding that matter or a similar matter involving the same former school employee or other school employees, please continue reading.

Nicholas County Schools strives to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all its students. Unfortunately, there may nevertheless be incidents where a school employee seriously mistreats a student. When the NCBOE is not aware of these incidents, it cannot take any action to address the situation. The NCBOE is seeking your help in identifying these kinds of incidents so that they may be investigated.

Whether that mistreatment takes the form of physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, or other kinds of serious abuse, such mistreatment should be reported immediately to school officials and/or the police. To be clear, NCOBE is not seeking information about mere disagreements between members of the community or students and school employees, or differences of opinion about how a school employee could better do his/her job. By this communication, the NCBOE is ONLY seeking information regarding claims of physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, or other kinds of serious abuse.

If you believe that, when you were a student of Nicholas County Schools, you were the victim of these kinds of serious mistreatment by a person employed by the NCBOE, you are encouraged to fill out and submit the Abuse Report Form found on the NCBOE website. You are also encouraged to fill out the Abuse Report Form if you are aware of someone who was seriously mistreated when he/she was a student.”

To fill out the form you can go to

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