New Voting Equipment Testing Held In Fayette County Ahead Of WV Primaries

FAYETTE COUNTY., WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Clerks Office kept busy today as they tested their new voting equipment, just weeks before the May Primary.

For the first time “Express Vote” will allow citizens to cast their vote via touchscreen rather than the traditional piece of paper.

Citizens will be handed a sheet of paper to insert into the machine to begin their voting process. Each voter will be given a stylus to easily navigate the touchscreen.

Once finished the choices will be printed out on the sheet then returned to the voter.

Voters then take their slips to the ballot bin which will electronically cast votes. The new system will be used in 28 out of the 39 precincts.

County Clerk Kelvin Holliday, “All other precinct results will be instantly read off of a disk drive. The drive will be inserted into the computer at the courthouse and the total results will be instantly available for the 28th precincts.”

Though today was the only time to test the new equipment, officials are positive citizens will easily  navigate the system.

“It’s very similar to going places an ordering food it’s just a touchscreen a lot of people use iPads it’s the same thing you just touch your icon and let it go.” He continued, “Here you’re just going to select the vote you prefer,” County Commissioner John Brenemen adds.

Holliday adds that this new equipment will save Fayette County almost 290 thousand dollars over the next ten years.

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