New Study about Teens and Vaping

A national panel of public health experts released a report Tuesday stating that vaping with e-cigarettes that contain nicotine can be addictive and encourage teenagers to smoke traditional cigarettes later in life.
Frank Pauley owns a local e-cigarette store and says kids will be kids.
“I mean everybody tries different stuff you know. People try drugs,” said Frank.
The study also reports that e-cigs may also cause more adults to stop smoking altogether.
Pauley agrees, saying he actually loses more customers who quit smoking altogether versus those that switch from tobacco to vaping.
“They come in and want to quit smoking and I sell them one device then they move up to another device and they move down in nicotine. They come back and say Frankey I don’t smoke anymore or vape anymore. I appreciate you, thank you. I don’t see why you would switch whenever you have all of these flavors,” said Pauley.
We did talk to a 19-year-old who did not want to go on camera but he told us he would never smoke a traditional cigarette because of what they did to older family members.

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