New STEM After School Program Comes to Raleigh County

BECKLEY,WV (WOAY) – For some Raleigh County student’s a new partnership is being put in place to teach them STEM during an after school program.

WVU Tech and the Raleigh County Board of Education are partnering up where they will be working through STEM projects and serving as role models for the students that participate.

The new after school programs will help current students develop an interest in science,technology, engineering or math.

Officials are hoping these programs will help expose students to more than they see in their regular school day.

One mentor Chase Broyles tells Newswatch he wishes he had opportunities like this while he was in school,  “Growing up I never had a experience of any kind. I was never exposed to any type of STEM so this is what makes it nice going in and working with kids and seeing them excited to learn about this stuff.”

This will mark the first year for the program, and officials hope to continue it for years to come.

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