New River Park & Exhibition Coal Mine to Recieve Free Wifi

BECKLEY,WV (WOAY) – In modern society the internet plays a huge part in our daily lives,which is why free wi-fi will be coming to several public locations in Beckley.

The New River Park along with the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine are among the places the wifi will be coming to.

Officials say they have visitors routinely ask if the campground has wifi, an they’d like to change that. This decision has been years in the making but due to several issues it’s halted the installation.

Director of Parks and Rec, Leslie Baker, said “There’s an infrastructure problem it’s something about how the fiber optics were originally laid. It was going to be really cost prohibited several years ago and things have changed a little so were working on it.”

Baker goes on to say that the cities information technology employees are working with Suddenlink in order to have the internet installed sometime next year.


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