New organization advocates to unite the community

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – A new Beckley organization called UPAC is planning new activism to unite the community. The newly formed group is working day and night to bring people together in the community.

“U-PAC is the Unification of people of all colors. Our main goal is to not only bring all people together but our community together,” said member Kris Kincaid.

UPAC’s current mission is to stop children from returning to school in the fall. The group is asking the community to sign a petition to give all parents the option not to send kids back to school when they reopen in September.

“I’m a mom of three, and I also take care of my grandmothers, so for me personally and our group, we think it’s really important for our kids not to go back this semester. A Lot of people like me have younger children and also take care of their grandparents, they are at an increased risk, and we don’t want our kids to go to school and get sick. We can’t teach them if they’re are sick or dead,” said Kincaid.

Another project the organization is focusing on is the reallocation of funds for the Beckley Police Department.

“Do you want them to have more bullets, do you want them to get an armed vehicle? Do you want things like that, or would you rather that all our officers have body cams,” said Kincaid.

Founder Mary West says U-PAC is about uniting the community. Whether it involves fighting social injustice, reallocating funds, or feeding the hungry, UPAC is willing to help anyone no matter what color they are.

“We all got to get together because Dr. King wanted us, and God also wanted us as people and as a human race. Once we get together, we all can rejoice together and come together as people,” said founder Mary West.

If you would like to learn more about the organization, you can find more information about UPAC on their Facebook page.

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