New Kanawha Falls Festival Thursday

FAYETTE CO., WV (NEWS RELEASE) – Come down to the falls September 14th for the first ever Kanawha Falls Festival! The festival will consist of 3 events: downriver & slalom race (3 separate heats), freestyle/best line, and photography competition.

Registration is from 10am-12pm at Kanawha Falls parking lot. Preregistration will be held at the Ace Adventure Gear shop on September 13th.

Event categories:
Downriver race
Waterfall freestyle/best line
Photography competition

Registration costs:
$15 downriver race or freestyle
$10 photography competition
$20 downriver race and freestyle
$30 race, freestyle, photography

Spectators are welcomed and encouraged to participate!

Whitewater competitors must be sound class IV+ kayakers as the rapids of the falls have multiple hazzards and demand such whitewater skills and knowledge.

Click here to see a video.

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