New Honey Extraction Facility And Teaching Yard In Raleigh County

RALEIGH COUNTY, W. Va. (WOAY)- Raleigh County has become sweeter thanks to a new honey extraction facility and teaching yard.

The Raleigh County Beekeepers Cooperative Association teamed up with Raleigh County’s Board of Education to establish education about pollinators and beekeeping. The Board of Education is allowing the cooperative to use their farm as a teaching yard for high school students from all over the county. At the yard, students can interact with the honeybees and hives.

“A lot of students are interesting in the environment, so they want to see how the honeybee plays a role in the environment. Then, of course, they learn a lot more than they think when we start talking about food sources, the health of the environment, how we can gauge that from our pollinators, so it’s been very receptive,” said Mark Lilly, the President of the Raleigh County Beekeepers Association.

They also teach classes if Raleigh County high school students are interested. It is a five-day class and at the end, students receive a certificate. Last year, 38 students took the course.

The program will be heading into their fourth winter after the year is over.

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