New help for that bane of middle-age: blurry close-up vision

WASHINGTON (AP) – An eye implant that takes about 10 minutes to put in place is the newest surgical repair for the blurry close-up vision that is a bane of middle age.

Dr. Shilpa Rose says the Raindrop inlay won’t restore vision you had in your 20s. But the Washington ophthalmologist says it decreases the need for reading glasses to send texts or read email.

Nearly everybody will experience presbyopia at some point, usually starting in the mid-40s.

While surgery always carries some risk, corneal inlays implanted into the eye’s clear front surface are getting attention because they’re removable if necessary.

Dr. Deepinder K. Dhaliwal of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center says patients have to remember it’s not one and done, but requires post-surgical exams and care.

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